Who We Are

Flomar Pty Ltd is an Australian, privately owned company dedicated to providing efficient, reliable and diverse service within the Australian Construction Industry.

Unlike many construction businesses of a comparable size we believe that rapid growth is detrimental to company mission and will often lead to a dilution of quality. We strive to consolidate and maintain our competent workforce with a culture of continual improvement and upskilling. This cultivates a sense of pride and ownership in each of our staff, evidenced through the ongoing prioritisation of Flomar’s primary objective: Client Satisfaction.

Diverse Skill Set

We promote diversification as opposed to specialisation.  Each staff member from Flomar is a multi-skilled, multi-disciplinary, experienced worker. Through a careful selection process, we ensure new additions to the team meet the required experience / skill profiles.

All staff, (including operators) are proficient labourers, competent in a range of minor plant and equipment (breakers, hammer / rotary drilling, demolition sawing, rammers, plate compactors, roller compactors etc.)

Our labourers are ticketed to utilize Manitou’s and Telehandlers to assist with unloading deliveries and shifting of materials around site.