Flomar offers a diverse combination of specialities to deliver bespoke client solutions, spanning utility, rail, excavation, formwork, and drainage business units — positioning us as one of Sydney’s leading, multi-disciplined civil engineering and construction contractors.


Our multi-disciplinary specialties, covering a broad spectrum of civil engineering and infrastructure capabilities, allow us to offer flexible, full-service solutions to our clients. Our business units hold the proficiency to work directly with clients or Tier 1 builders on large infrastructure projects, having contributed to notable Sydney projects, including Western Sydney Airport, Sydney Gateway, Parramatta Light Rail, and Sydney Metro. 

Flomar is a Level 1 Accredited Service Provider, and holds Company Authorisation to work on Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy distribution and transmission networks across Greater Sydney. Licensed to carry out certified electrical, civil engineering, infrastructure-related electrical works for both underground and overhead sites, Flomar works closely with project stakeholders to upgrade power projects vital to communities. Our team has delivered works across a variety of electrical networks, including Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy, TransGrid, and Sydney Trains.


We have been involved in major transmission projects across Greater Sydney, notably working to upgrade the exiting TransGrid Network for TransGrid’s Powering Sydney’s Future project. In securing safe and reliable power for Sydney residents, Flomar constructed 330kV underground cables between TransGrid’s Rookwood Road substation at Potts Hill and the Beaconsfield-West substation at Alexandria — replacing underground cables which were at the upper limit of their serviceable lifetime. 


Our capabilities in power distribution and transmission include the:


  • Construction of complex, in-ground service routes;
  • Excavation and installation of conduit and cable;
  • Installation of Pits — for both on-site construction and pre-cast installation;
  • Management of Cable Pull;
  • Installation of Lightpoles;
  • Installation of Pillars;
  • Installation of Padmount Substations.

Flomar is an accredited contractor for both Optus and Telstra in the construction of complex, in-ground service routes. 


Our team has delivered works across a variety of telecommunication networks and hold extensive experience in constructing ITS routes for major road network upgrades.

Flomar staff are accredited HDPE welders and have proven experience in constructing gas routes on notable projects around Greater Sydney, such as the Parramatta Light Rail.

In addressing Flomar’s commitment to environmental sustainability, we have a fleet of powerful NDD Hydrovacuum Excavation Trucks ready to provide our clients with a safe, clean, and environmentally friendly method of excavation. 


Each NDD Truck is fitted with double lance operation, allowing for simultaneous use to effectively double our slit trenching and potholing production possibility — allowing us to pass these cost-effective and timely benefits along to our clients.

Flomar possesses a strong capability in the assembly of concrete structures, including the construction of suspended slabs, staircases, large HV pits, complex stormwater structures, rigid concrete pavement, kerb and gutter, footpaths, and pram ramps.

Flomar has proven capabilities on large-scale multidisciplinary rail projects, and we are regularly engaged in projects involving rail corridor work. 


Our management team are experienced in the detailed planning phases required to ensure complex rail possession scopes run as smoothly as possible, with contingencies in place to address unforeseen occurrences if they appear.


Our front-line team is RIW trained, and are extremely competent in working under possession conditions.

Flomar’s key areas of expertise in the construction of stormwater drainage routes include the:


  • Installation of RCP Pipe, up to 1500mm in diameter;
  • Installation of Concrete Culverts, including FRP works;
  • Construction of Large Stormwater Pits — for both on-site construction and pre-cast installation;
  • Construction of Headwalls — for both on-site construction and pre-cast installation.


At Flomar, we understand the delivery of quality, innovative solutions first require leading safety, quality, and environmental sustainability commitments. We are currently certified by a third-party auditor to AS/NSZ 4801 OH&S Management Systems, ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

Environmental Sustainability

We are currently certified by a third-party auditor to ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems, but our commitment to sustainability extends beyond certification. At Flomar we take our commitment to the environment seriously, and accordingly have implemented several initiatives to improve our carbon footprint. 

Quality Assurance

We are currently certified by a third party auditor to ISO 9001:2016, and have established an integrated quality management system compliant with the international standard. To safeguard against incidents and ensure our HSEQ compliance, we have an experienced HSEQ team responsible for auditing and assisting our projects.

Our quality systems management delivers a framework to guide Flomar in establishing and maintaining best-practice controls in all projects, across all specialities. In implementing this framework, we ensure the early identification and correction of any potential issues during our contracted services. 


As one of Sydney’s leading, multi-disciplined civil engineering and construction contractors, our work is completed to the highest WHS legislative standards.

Committed to the safety and wellbeing of our employees, sub-contractors, and project stakeholders, we take proactive action to involve our team in WHS processes from risk management strategies to routine re-education — because safety starts with the individual.  

By complying with high WHS standards, Flomar is proud to maintain a safe and stress-free work environment.

Some of our key objectives are to:

  • Employ a WHS-first approach to all projects;
  • Integrate WHS management at every stage of project planning;
  • Implement proactive WHS management strategies;
  • Routinely assess our WHS strategies for improvement opportunities;
  • Involve all employees and project stakeholders in regular safe work training to assure their ongoing compliance with WHS legislation.
  • Control hazard risks according to the Occupational Risk Management process of Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control
  • Frequently monitor and review risk controls to ensure their continuing effectiveness; 
  • Provide effective WHS injury management and rehabilitation strategies. 





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(+61) 481 735 833